Friday, July 29, 2011

Some things work…some things don’t!

So a few months ago I submitted a party tablescape to for their Summer Stripes Contest.  I am sharing today because there are not a lot of parties online geared toward the Tween/Teen age group. I styled this party two different ways one was a little more formal and the other was a practical table scape for a real pool party. I think it’s interesting to see how a party can look entirely different with just a few details.

For a more formal look I went with a white linen tablecloth. That really made the bright colors pop! I used some dollar store crepe paper and ran it down the middle to add some color.


I got to thinking about all of the paper elements on this table and thought if this was for a real pool party the kids would be sitting down at the table all wet…wet and paper don’t mix! Soooo I thought how cool would it be to use something water proof to lay across the table. I grabbed a $3 vinyl shower curtain from Target and actually placed all of the paper elements on the table and then covered it with the shower curtain to protect them from being destroyed by dripping party guest! Groovy! I didn’t like the wrinkles in the shower curtain and had I had more time I would have let it hang in a steamy bathroom for a while.


I did follow a tip on the internet and placed it in the dryer for a few minutes…ummm…not a good idea…lol…it melted all into itself and I had to send my sister on a 911 run to Target..oops!

Now I’m thinking maybe the white tablecloth with the clear vinyl over top would be the way to go as long as you could get most of the wrinkles out. Then you could have the best of both worlds!

For the first shoot (the vinyl tablecloth) I also tried to make some really cool layered rainbow Jell-o desserts in martini glasses. They actually turned out pretty cool…except…they don’t transport well. Photo shoot was at my sisters house and I tried to take them in the car…yikes!! Not a good idea.


Thank goodness for can whip cream and sprinkles…you couldn’t even tell in the photos…lol.


For the second photo shoot(white tablecloth) I opted for single color Jell-O in champagne flutes and used the martini glasses for candy dishes. Much cuter I think!


So as you can see…it’s a learning experience! Some things work and some don’t but don’t be afraid to try!! You never know what you may come up with. Here are some more pics from both shoots. Curious to know which one you like better the White table cloth set up  or the Vinyl plastic table cloth set up. What says you?

100_1314 (2)

Totally LOVE this idea for conversation starters. Come up with some short questions and sprinkle your table. Great way to get the conversation started!




100_1264100_1318 (2)100_1302



Which one?

Celebrate Life!


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  1. I know this is an older post, but I've just recently discovered your adorable Etsy shop (I am considering an indoor carnival party for my daughter's 3rd birthday, which is how I found you!). I love both of these looks but my eye keeps going back to the white tablecloth one, although I think placing the clear vinyl shower curtain over everything was a brilliant idea!