Friday, May 27, 2011

Obsession Confession…

Ok…I have a weird obsession! I am obsessed with products that are made to look like food items or our packaged to look like food items. Thus my business name “The Party Bakery”. The plan is to package my products in bakery boxes and exploit the whole “bakery” concept as much as I can! I have had this obsession for quite a long time!! Soooo, you’ve probably figured out already that these delicious cupcakes below are not really cupcakes at all but ……wait for it…..SOAP!  Yep that’s right they are bath bombs. How fun to drop one of these into your bath!! This is the Happy Birthday Cupcake Bath Bomb by Soapy Love. Apparently they smell as yummy as they look!

soapy love

I stumbled across this company several years ago when she was first getting started and have had them bookmarked ever since! I just love looking at her products. They are eye candy for my sweet obsession!


I’m thinking these are going to have to be included in my next party shoot! What fun favors these would make for an ice cream party or a summer splash party!

So if you share my crazy obsession or are looking for a fun gift idea check out  They even package their items beautifully!

Tell them The Party Bakery sent you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

In honor of the many teachers that have touched my life over the years we are giving away some FREE printable note cards. It's simple...just Download, Print, write a special message and Share with your favorite teachers. Take a minute and let them know you appreciate all of their hard work!

Click here to Download the Polka Dot Design
Click here to Download the Blue and Green Design