Monday, February 27, 2012

A Gift from the HEART!

Last Sunday morning started as most Sunday mornings in our house. We woke up with barely anytime to get ourselves dressed and fed and make it to church on time. I was rushing to get the kids into their Sunday school classes so I wouldn’t miss worship and I heard my name being called from across the hall. Honestly it’s one of those moments when you debate “do I pretend I didn’t hear them and just whisk the kids into their classroom so I’m not late?…hmmm”. When I looked around I saw my friend and ex-neighbor (were still not happy about the ex part of that) Kerri running at me with a Kroger bag in her hand. “I have been looking for you for weeks” she was yelling as she was approaching me. “Here” she said as she pushed the Kroger bag into my hands. It was heavy, oh my goodness…I pulled open the bag to take a peek and saw this…

100_3717 copy

My husband knowing I was still mourning the passing of Penn State great Joe Paterno joked…”Hey is it a brick form Paterno’s house”. “Noooo…,I tearfully looked up from the bag, it’s a brick from the hospital were the kids were born” Yep…in that moment I received a gift so basic so ridiculous to most but that spoke such volume it was unbelievable. The old hospital in our town is being demolished since they built a brand spanking new one across town. Everyday I pass by the demo site on my way to take the kids to school. Everyday I think “man I would LOVE to crawl through the fence and grab a brick” It’s the hospital were 2 of my 3 three children were born. It is among those bricks that my babies took their first breath, it among those bricks that I looked into the eyes of my babies for the first time..those bricks are sacred to me and to sooo many others who welcomed or said goodbye to love ones within those walls. So there I was late for church and now sobbing in the hallway holding a brick…lol. I don’t know if it was the sentiment of the brick or the fact that someone knew me soooo well that she would know that I would want one,  and that she knew how special that would be to me was so cool! She actually reached her hand through the fence and dug around to find the perfect brick while the construction workers watched…lol.

So now it sits on my mantel…I’ve got to come up with something really cool to do with it!

Kerri, Thank you sooo much for knowing me and loving me so well that you knew exactly how my heart would react to such a precious gift! Thank you for taking the time to dig through the rubble to give me a precious reminder of the wonderful Gifts that God has given me in my little girls!

If you see some crazy lady at Baptist Hospital in Nashville knocking a brick out don’t be alarmed…she’s just getting me one from the hospital my son was born at to match Smile

Help someone celebrate today!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Treats Valentines Table…without breaking the bank!

I LOVE Valentines Day!! It’s one of my favorite Holiday’s…well ok..I say that about almost all of them, but I love a holiday that’s main purpose is to celebrate the ones we love! I mean really…how cool is that! Not to mention how stinking adorable everything for Valentines Day is. Pink, Red, Hearts, Polka Dots, Chocolate, Flowers, Adorable plush animals, I mean really…what’s not to love! Valentines Day is not just for couples either…there are lots of people in your life that you love and that deserve to know it and be reminded of it often!

The only bad thing about Valentines Day is that it comes off the heels of Christmas and right before Tax Day so money is usually a little tight for most people. Today I’m going to show you that you can set a fun and creative party table that will make people think you spent a fortune but won’t break the bank at all! That’s all something we can ALL LOVE…right?

100_3536 bright

First we start with the invitations. That’s were your inspiration for the entire party comes from in my opinion so it’s the most important piece. When I design a new set I always start with the invitation first and build the rest of the set around it. This one is from my Sweet Treats Valentines set available on my Etsy site. I’m of course bias and would LOVE for you to purchase my set for your party…lol…but if this one doesn’t work well with your taste or needs head on over to and search the huge choice of Valentines printables available. It’s a great cheap way to really have a unique invitation and dress up your table.

Now that your invitations are out we need to work on the table set up. I used the bottom part of a hutch that I have in my dining room and covered it with a white linen tablecloth. The backdrop I created using around 2 yards of fabric from my local fabric store. Use some thumbtacks to secure it to your wall and run an iron or steamer over it quick to give it a nice smooth appearance. Add your printable banner and you have a beautiful backdrop.

100_3490 brighty100_3567 bright

I chose a simple menu of valentines sweets and treats and looked for creative ways to display them.

DSCF6815 bright

100_3571 bright

I found these cute little mailboxes at Target in the Dollar Spot. When you add a bag of licorice to them you have an adorable and fun way to display it.

100_3500 bright

A jumbo bag of Smarties looks very cool stacked up on a long serving dish.

DSCF6813 bright

Using a tiny terracotta flower pot I took a bag of Valentines lollipops and arranged them to look like a pot of flowers.


100_3466 bright

Some homemade Italian pizzelle cookies filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream look so much better with some of the printable party circles sticking out of the top.

100_3510 bright


I was always so intimidated by the fancy cupcakes I would see in magazines and on websites. Mine never ever looked like those, but once I made friends with a pastry bag and cupcake toppers my whole world changed!! I won’t be winning Cupcake Wars anytime soon but  I can now make a cupcake that doesn’t look like a 4year old had made it..woot woot! I used a store bought cake mix and a can of store bought frosting. Using a pastry bag and a basic star tip I simply filled the bag with my icing and started piping it in a circle from the outside of the cupcake into the middle in a circular motion. Experiment with this and before long you will have a style that your comfortable with. If your store bought icing gets too runny as your working with it place it in the refrigerator for a little while to stiffen it up. Use some store bought sprinkles to add a little color to the tops. I found some adorable pink cupcake liners at Michaels and I placed them into those after I cooked the cupcakes in a normal liner. Then using my printable files I created two different styles of cupcake toppers and that’s it…piece of cake…well piece of cupcake :)

100_3521 bright

I needed a tall cupcake platter that would sit above the other items on my table to create a bit of height and make it easy to reach the cupcakes. The only problem was that my cupcake pedestal was not tall enough. I found a clear bowl that I had and flipped it upside down and was able to place my cupcake pedestal on top of that and it fit perfect! Since it was all clear and to me still looked like my bowl turned upside down I decided to fill it with something to take the focus away from the bowl shape. I had some extra Smarties so I mounded them up and placed the bowl over top of them. Pretty cute and now it doesn’t look like a bowl…yay!

100_3547 bright

Cute little mini coke glasses I found at the dollar store filled with a raspberry crystal light drink. White flexi straws with heart cutouts help carry your theme over to your beverages.

100_3477 bright

Wrap a bag of Hershey’s miniatures in your printable candy bar wrappers.

100_3523 bright100_3526 bright

Printable Valentines set out on the table for the guest to right Valentines to each other give your guest an inexpensive thing to do to keep them busy as they munch their sweets.

Another $1 mailbox from Target was perfect to provide a place for all of the Valentines to be placed during the party. The host or hostess could then hand them out at the end of the party.

DSCF6816 copyDSCF6802 bright100_3514 brighty

I love sock monkeys…they always make me think of my Grandma! She used to make them and give them away to people at the holidays. My girls received these from someone this year for Christmas and they happened to be pink…perfect little additions to the table don’t you think?

100_3502 bright100_3516 brighty

For favors I used some little hot pink take out containers I found at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars for a sleeve of them. You can fill them with candy or little trinkets or some yummy white chocolate popcorn mix. Using the photo tags or favor tags from your printables you can send them home with a personalized message.

The lesson today is you CAN have a beautiful party without breaking your budget! Think outside of the box and look around your house and see what you may already have that your could use in a new way.

Now, go celebrate someone you LOVE! Don’t wait to tell them…we’re not promised tomorrow!



Friday, January 13, 2012

A Beauty of a collection! :)


There is one thing you should know about me….I LOVE Disney! Ever since I did a book report in 5th grade on Walt Disney I have been fascinated by his work and the company he created! I love the way the can make anything an “experience”! I mean were else do you turn into a kid with giddy excitement just to eat a vanilla popsicle covered in chocolate, that happens to be shaped like Mickey Mouse Ears, other than in Disney World or Disney Land. Why? Because it’s so darn fun! Those little shops, the trolley tracks in the street, the old fashioned music group singing on the corner…who wouldn’t drop $10 on a popsicle to be a part of that for a few minutes…lol.  Let’s face it, if Disney’s has it’s name on it you know it’s going to be good!

One of the favorite things about Disney in our house are their movies! I have one princess obsessed little 6 year old who has watched them over and over and over again.

One of my all time favorites is Beauty and The Beast. So in honor of Disney’s release of Beauty and the Beast in 3D today our princess party collection has been magically transformed into a Belle’s golden yellow and a Beastly royal blue.



I am offering a limited engagement sale on the printable set for the entire week...starting today!

Get it now before it’s locked away in the vault!…lol…I’ve always wanted to say that! Did I mention that the people at Disney are marketing geniuses as well!

Have a royal good weekend!