Monday, February 27, 2012

A Gift from the HEART!

Last Sunday morning started as most Sunday mornings in our house. We woke up with barely anytime to get ourselves dressed and fed and make it to church on time. I was rushing to get the kids into their Sunday school classes so I wouldn’t miss worship and I heard my name being called from across the hall. Honestly it’s one of those moments when you debate “do I pretend I didn’t hear them and just whisk the kids into their classroom so I’m not late?…hmmm”. When I looked around I saw my friend and ex-neighbor (were still not happy about the ex part of that) Kerri running at me with a Kroger bag in her hand. “I have been looking for you for weeks” she was yelling as she was approaching me. “Here” she said as she pushed the Kroger bag into my hands. It was heavy, oh my goodness…I pulled open the bag to take a peek and saw this…

100_3717 copy

My husband knowing I was still mourning the passing of Penn State great Joe Paterno joked…”Hey is it a brick form Paterno’s house”. “Noooo…,I tearfully looked up from the bag, it’s a brick from the hospital were the kids were born” Yep…in that moment I received a gift so basic so ridiculous to most but that spoke such volume it was unbelievable. The old hospital in our town is being demolished since they built a brand spanking new one across town. Everyday I pass by the demo site on my way to take the kids to school. Everyday I think “man I would LOVE to crawl through the fence and grab a brick” It’s the hospital were 2 of my 3 three children were born. It is among those bricks that my babies took their first breath, it among those bricks that I looked into the eyes of my babies for the first time..those bricks are sacred to me and to sooo many others who welcomed or said goodbye to love ones within those walls. So there I was late for church and now sobbing in the hallway holding a brick…lol. I don’t know if it was the sentiment of the brick or the fact that someone knew me soooo well that she would know that I would want one,  and that she knew how special that would be to me was so cool! She actually reached her hand through the fence and dug around to find the perfect brick while the construction workers watched…lol.

So now it sits on my mantel…I’ve got to come up with something really cool to do with it!

Kerri, Thank you sooo much for knowing me and loving me so well that you knew exactly how my heart would react to such a precious gift! Thank you for taking the time to dig through the rubble to give me a precious reminder of the wonderful Gifts that God has given me in my little girls!

If you see some crazy lady at Baptist Hospital in Nashville knocking a brick out don’t be alarmed…she’s just getting me one from the hospital my son was born at to match Smile

Help someone celebrate today!



  1. So awesome! I am sitting here crying too! I love how tender your heart is! Love you!

  2. I should have done the same. In fact ... maybe I still will, since the demolition is not complete. :-)