Monday, August 15, 2011

Are you ready for some football? Bring it on!

It that glorious time of year again! No…not Back To School. Although some would argue that is the most glorious thing about this time of It’s Football time!!


I love football!! I love everything about it! I love that it’s in Fall (my favorite season), I love that sounds and smells of a football game, I love the excitement in the crowd, I love the colors and I love feeling of community that develops around a football game!

My son starting playing football last year (to my husbands delight and my frantic nerves). I must say that it has opened up a whole new set of emotions for me. I still love the game and everything about it but I breathe a little easier when the clock runs out and my son is still standing healthy and in one piece…lol.

That’s him #28!…eeek!


Living in a college town I have learned the pleasure of Tailgating. If you haven’t tailgated I encourage you to do so! What could be more fun that pulling into a parking lot and turning the back of your truck or car into a mini eat in diner parked next to hundreds of other peoples mini eat in diners! It’s a great way to meet other people in your community and it’s fun for the whole family! 

There are several different levels of tailgating. You have your occasional tailgater (like us) who comes out maybe once or twice a year and sets up a rinky dink operation that pails in comparison to most of the offer tailgaters.

You then have your “moving on up” tailgaters. These are the people who used to be your occasional tailgater and are ready to take it up a notch and enter the game with the “big dogs”. Perhaps they’ve purchased a portable grill, they have a tent now (in team colors of course), the cooler is packed full and they may even hang a few decorations around.

Then you have the “Big Dogs”. You know the ones were talking about! They have the color coordinating pick up truck (or school bus turned party bus) with streamers and pom poms hanging off of everywhere. The truck is rigged with a fold out grill and ice chest in the wheel wells. They have the mega tent that is equipped with an astro turf rug, plenty of seating, a flat screen TV for pre-game viewing, a rocking sound system and of course corn hole! They are at every game and have their regular spot. These are the tailgaters all of the other tailgater strive to be!

No matter which category you fall into the bottom line is Tailgating is fun and great way to spend an evening or afternoon!  So in honor of you Tailgaters everywhere I am happy to announce my line of Tailgating Party Printables and Ready Made. Custom made to match your team colors. Perfect for adding that extra something to your tailgating parties. I promise the “Big Dogs” will be asking you..”where'd you get those” Winking smile




Celebrate Life!


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