Friday, July 22, 2011

***Back To School*** Now Available

Just finished the Back To School set! There is one thing I have learned with three kids….if I’m not organized in the mornings for school I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to fill out lunch money envelopes, writing excuses and notes to the teacher and packing snacks! So with this set I am not only including some basic party items but also items to make your school year a breeze!


Set includes Cupcake Toppers, Personalized invitation, Teacher note cards, Lunch box notes, lunch bag stickers, snack bag toppers, Personalized school money envelopes and Personalized excuse notes.


These envelopes and excuse notes have made my life sooooo much easier!! Just grab one and fill them out! It’s a breeze and you can even store some in the car for those last minute needs!


Let them know your thinking of them! Lunch box notes are perfect to slip into their lunches! Lunch bag stickers are great for those day’s when they brown bag it or for field trip lunches!

All of this for only $10.00!

I’m off to print some for myself!

Celebrate Life!


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