Monday, July 25, 2011

Make no mistake…It’s MINE!

What is it about seeing our names on something that is so exciting? Remember when you were younger and you went shopping and came across those stands or racks that had pencils, mugs, notepads or license plates that were personalized with your name. I would run up to those stands and anxiously spin them around or scan them until I found the C’s and then I would nervously and carefully read through the names Connie, Charles, Cheryl, Caitlin… not seeing it….Dana, Drew….wait I’m in the D’s already….drats! No Candy!! Yep years and years of disappointment. I used to get so mad at my mom for naming me Candy…lol…why oh why had she done that to me? On rare occasion I would find something with my name and oh my what a glorious day that was! I would beg and beg to have it. I MUST have it….it has my name on it!

Perhaps that’s  why I started a business providing personalized party items…hmmm.  So the other night I was creating a treasury list on Etsy and decided I would look for personalized items. I created my treasury and shared a bit of my story and hit submit to sent it on it’s way. To my delight I awoke in the morning with a sweet message from the owner of one of the shops I featured. Rita with Beach House Living makes these amazing personalized forks! Her Mr. and Mrs. forks have been featured in several Bridal Magazines and are just adorable! She wanted my address so she could send me a fork with my name on it! NO WAY!!! I was pretty excited to say the least.


My beautiful fork arrived in the mail this weekend and I felt like a kid at Christmas! I frantically ripped open my package to reveal a beautifully wrapped fork…with MY name on it! Yep make no mistake about it…it’s MINE! I paraded around my house proudly showing everyone my fork. Rita included a sweet little note reminding me that no toy license plate ever come wrapped in organza. Yea…that’s right…MY fork ROCKS!

So Rita thank you so much for making the little girl in me smile and the big girl in me gush! If you are looking for a really fun and unique gift check her out. She has some really neat stuff. Tell her Candy sent you!

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Celebrate Life!



  1. I am thrilled you like your fork and hope it brings a smile each time you use it.

  2. This is ADORABLE!! What a unique gift idea!!

  3. Ahhhh I love these!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing Candy, can't wait to visit the website and place an order!!