Friday, June 10, 2011

A little “Thanks” to the countless summer camp and VBS volunteers! You Rock!!

Summer time means Camp and VBS right? My kiddo’s have spent the week at our wonderful church immersed in their amazing VBS program! It is an incredible week that leaves me with goose bumps every time I see our sanctuary jammed back full of kids singing and dancing and having a blast all in the name of God! My 13 year old son has made me especially proud this week as he gets up at 6:30 am on his summer break and goes and serves with a group of 5 year olds. Volunteers all across the country this summer will take a week out of their summers, a week from their families and even sometimes a week off of work to invest in our children. Take a minute and do something nice for them at the end of the week!  We made some simple candy bar wrappers that say “You Rock” and wrapped them around a Hershey bar and then attached a simple note of thanks! It’s cheap and simple and will let them know how much you really do appreciate their time!

vbs 022

vbs 019vbs 024

Be “Thankful”


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