Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Donut Day!

Apparently it’s National Donut Daydid you know that? I’m not sure if this is a legitimate “National” Day or just a wonderful marketing scheme by Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme to get us into their stores and talking about their donuts. Either way I’m all about celebrating some Donuts!! There is nothing better than a yummy gooey hot and fresh donut!! Let’s face it donuts kind of get the shaft. I mean think about it… we adorn the tops of cupcakes, cakes and even pies with colorful icing, fancy toppers and they become the centerpiece of all of our celebrations.  Well quite frankly I would rather have a Donut! So today I have searched the party sites for some creative party ideas with Donuts as the beloved centerpiece.

Enjoy these fun idea’s for your next party and LONG LIVE the Donut!


I found this simple cupcake display at One Charming Party. So simple, but sooo cute!



Love these fun ideas for a Donut table scape from Catch My Party. Do you see the donut tree in the background? How cute!!! I love the little boxes also that you could offer each guest a donut to go in. This would be great with some old fashion glass milk bottles filled with white and chocolate milk and OJ. Great for a baby shower brunch!!

martha stewart online pic

This a simple and classic display from Martha Stewart online. Look there are the glass milk jars I was just talking about! Martha and I are on the same page…lol.

So I your challenge today is to enjoy a Donut and consider them for your next party! Who know….maybe we’ll start a TREND!

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