Friday, April 8, 2011

Celebrate Life…BIG and LITTLE!

It seems like every time I turn around lately I am confronted with families struggling through either the loss of a child or walking hand in hand with a child in illness as they are encamped in the battle of their life. Social media has made the struggles of total strangers available for the entire world to see. I have stumbled upon blogs, I have been directed to caring bridge sites through facebook friends, people are tweeting about very hard topics. I read bits and pieces into perfect strangers lives feeling almost like somehow I am violating them by peering into their lives like someone walking past the Macy’s store front at Christmas time and stopping just briefly to watch the elaborate moving display in front of me, only to leave and walk away and continue on with my day leaving them behind. My mother’s heart aches and cries for children I do not know, for mothers I have never met. I carry a piece of them with me but all too soon they are forgotten until I receive yet another reminder of their pain. I can’t help but wonder what is God trying to teach me through all of this. I have come to the realization that the old cliché “life is short” is oh sooo true. We are only given one chance at this life; all of our earthly days are numbered. One of the above referenced mom’s, of whom I have never met, stated it perfectly. She said “please don’t refer to my child as terminal…. because we all are”. Amen to that! Life is a precious gift!! Every minute of every day is a precious gift that should be celebrated and lived to it’s fullest. Life is stressful and it is so easy to get caught up in the grind of life that we forget to enjoy and celebrate the little things. So as I begin this new journey I have a mission in mind. I want to remind you and help you to Celebrate LIFE!! Throw a party…a BIG party!!! Decorate your dining room for a Valentines Day dinner! Who cares if it’s only your kids and you there? This is their moment in time do it for them!! Celebrate what we have been given! And yes even when we are engulfed in so much turmoil and strife we need to learn to seek out and celebrate the LITTLE things! Sorry for the heavy post right out of the gate…lol. I promise they won’t all be like this. That just needed to be said. Thanks for listening and joining me on this journey of Celebration! …. now who’s ready to party?

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